The story behind Add.it

Who we are and what we do.

Add.it was founded in 2018 to put people back in control of their own lives. The platform inspires creativity and empowers users to share information, ideas, and interests. People use Add.it to receive breaking news, teach skills, and stay connected with their loved ones. Discover the joy of having your most important plans, projects, and appointments at your fingertips!

Constantly Evolving

The Add.it team consists of expert programmers, designers, educators, and creators. While we definitely love the work we do, our priority is to keep evolving as a company so we can continue to meet the changing needs of our users.


A - Advanced

D - Digital

D - Dashboard

I - Integrative

T - Tool

...resolutely embraces the values established by our parent company UWEKEY. These values are the foundation of our corporate culture and they guide us in the decisions we make as well as the actions we take.

Constantly Evolving
Reinventing the future

Reinventing the future

At Add.it, we believe the future is now. Register below and take a peek at life in the 22nd century.

Your power to choose your direction of your life allows you to reinvent yourself, to change your future, and to powerfully influence the rest of creation.

Stephen Covey, Author