A New Platform

Addit is a new platform that will change the landscape of the internet.

Addit is a user “Personalized Integrated Platform.”® We are a “Single Integrated Platform”® up to the point that it improves the functionality for the user although still allowing for entrepreneurship in other companies.

An “Integrated Platform” can be defined as a system which integrates applications and services for users. “Personalized” means that the user is offered extensive customization options and possibilities to meet their particular needs and choices.

This is a way of organizing what is happening around you and make you aware of what’s out there that matters to you so you can be more informed to make better decisions with less hassle to be more time efficient.

Based on your preferences, we recommend a slate of apps, links, widgets, modules, and modgets® to save you setup time. Of course, you can then customize and add or remove to suit your needs, but Addit will provide you with the best starting position. Addit provides you with tools and reliable information so you can focus on what truly matters.