Share with your family, friends or coworkers!

Share with all the people that matter to you.

You can share your Favorite widgets, modgets®, and dashboards. Share your "Bookmarks" widget of your favorite sites on any particular subject. Share your kids' adventures. You can also collaborate on the same shared dashboard with your coworkers ...

You can share your widgets, and modgets® by clicking on the share icon and typing an email address or choosing it from your customized list of emails.

You can share your dashboards (other than the Home dashboard) by clicking on the share icon in the dashboard header and typing-in an email address or choosing it from the suggested list of emails.

When you share a dashboard with someone, you are sharing all the widgets, and modgets® that you own within that dashboard.  The widgets, and modgets® that have been shared with you cannot be re-shared.

There is an "Edit" mode and a Read-only sharing mode: when you share, you can decide whether you want to allow your dashboards, widgets, and modgets® to be edited or not.