Uwekey, Our Parent Company

Addit is an internet platform that is under the umbrella company of UWEKEY. At Addit, we embrace the values established by our parent company UWEKEY.

Hello to our users, potential users and the media,

UWEKEY is the parent company that oversees and handles some functions of our other companies. We are a private company therefore we are not so overly focused on the bottom line, rather delivering effective value to our users. 

Our intent is to offer a continually enhanced experience to our users to better their lives, offer opportunities to many talented people and improve our coexistence with nature. 

Our values ripple throughout our company and solutions that reflect who we are. 

We thank you for your time. As was written on one of our favorite coffee cups “Its Not The Destination. Its Not The Journey. Its Who You Are Traveling With,” so we look forward to sharing these platforms with you!

UWEKEY strives to encompass this fundamental concept throughout our endeavors.


Understanding is needed from every experience to be able to move forward.


It’s only with experience and understanding that you gain wisdom. Wisdom lets you see things in a much better light.


Experience now is everything, as experience leads to better understanding especially with knowledge.


Knowledge is need toward our intellectual pursuits, although knowledge unto itself has no value as it much be applied.


Once one gains enough wisdom the elevation to a higher enlightened state of awareness is achieved.


Life’s travels are enriched though maintaining a state of youthfulness.