Security is of the highest importance for us to ensure your account is safe.

Please read the following:

Internet Fraud

  • Be careful who you allow access to your documents. It is your responsibility to ensure the legitimacy of who you allow access.
  • Refer to our Resource Center for more information:
    • Security & Privacy
      • Protecting Your Information
      • Scams
      • Avoiding Identity Theft


  • We employ many features to keep our site secure, so do your part as it is crucial to use strong passwords to protect the security of your account.
  • Your password should be random so do not use real words in your password.
  • Your password should also be unique to this site, that is not used anywhere else to further reduce unauthorized account access risk.
  • If you do not already, consider using a password manager, which will store your password in an encrypted format and can generate new passwords for you.

Site Security

  • This site adheres to best practices as recommended by OWASP for both mobile and websites.
  • Web-accessible components will use https for the security and privacy (4096-bit- SHA-256).
  • Password security measures are given priority over site usability. Passwords incorporate complexity requirements, have an expiration date and employ two-factor authentication. Passwords are stored using BCRYPT.
  • Login system guards against Brute-Force Login.
  • Sensitive (payment) data is securely stored using encryption in a non-compromising format within a platform-provided secure storage mechanism.
  • Many other safe guards are built into the site and servers to ensure unauthorized access.

Device Security

Use security features that are provided with your device:

  • Lock your screen; depending on your device use password, fingerprint, PIN, pattern, Face, NFC tags, knock code, Bluetooth, special Apps and/or others.
  • Encrypt your data.
  • Keep your data in the cloud and not on your device.
  • Update the operating system whenever there is an update.
  • Maintain anti-virus software.
  • Update drivers whenever there is an update.
  • Trust the site and data you download. Use the trusted site feature on anti-virus software.
  • Some cheap smartphones can compromise security.

Your privacy is important to us.

Dear Addit’ted,

Data protection and safeguarding your privacy is of utmost importance, thus taken very seriously. As a global company, we shall always strive to ensure compliance with the latest regulations while balancing the communication needs of our customers, partners and friends interested in our content.

As part of our efforts to comply with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union on 25 May, we have made changes to our Privacy Policy to give you more visibility into how we use your data and keep it safe and secure. Additionally, as a customer of AddIt, we may contact you in the future to update you on new products, invite you to events and send you updates on what’s new.

We hope you will continue to stay engaged with us.

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Thank you,

B.J. Kordyban